The BriefY BRÎFF

This project was completely different to what we normally work on, and as you know, we do love a challenge.  Since there are quite a few coaching companies out there we wanted to make sure that Rocket would stand out from the rest.

Rocket wanted to connect more with their target audience and remove a layer of the ‘corporate speak’ that had settled over their work.  When presented with a completely out there approach, they jumped at the chance. We ended up creating new branding and a bold website that immediately drew comments from their clientele, all positive. In fact within the first week of going live, they brought 2 new clients on board. As Ian (Rocket Coach) said, the ‘website has already paid for itself’.

Rocket Coaching SAID...

"What marks M:art and Do It Simply was firstly their desire to truly understand what I needed and helped me recognise ideas and approaches that added huge value. The creativity they showed when developing the new site and how we launched it was really remarkable, as is their continued interest in the impact the investment has had and how we continue to improve its performance."

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